bias I mean a systematic error consistently showing a more positive, or negative, effect from the phenomenon, like a scale that unfailingly shows you a few pounds heavier or lighter than your true weight, or a video camera that adds a few sizes to your waistline.
one of those quantitative scientists who apply methods of statistical physics to economic variables, a field that was started by Benoît Mandelbrot in the late 1950s.
Note: data scientists
story about the chessboard. The inventor of the chessboard requested the following compensation: one grain of rice for the first square, two for the second, four for the third, eight, then sixteen, and so on, doubling every time, sixty-four times. The king granted this request, thinking that the inventor was asking for a pittance—but he soon realized that he was outsmarted. The amount of rice exceeded all possible grain reserves!
Note: sessa history
Note: sessa story
You cannot prop up your ego with electronic files.
Note: yes you can. look at the steam users.