Every webpage is a latent community. Each page collects the attention of people interested in its contents, and those people might well be interested in conversing with one another, too.
Note: How every web page is a latent community, from Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody:
I know of at least three reasons I rewrote that description. The first was a chance to exercise some unused mental capacities—I studied fractals in a college physics course in the 1980s and was pleased to remember enough about the Koch snowflake to be able to say something useful about it, however modest.
Note: This insight on Wikipedia in @CShirky 's last book nicely foreshadows theme of his new book.
The Dean campaign had accidentally created a movement for a passionate few rather than a vote-getting operation.
Note: @warrenWhitlock here is a great quote from Clay Shirkeg #NMX
Curiously, in that moment many people choose to keep watching the movie they’ve already decided they don’t like, partly as a way to avoid admitting that they’ve wasted their money.
Note: Why not decide to abandon reading at least a third or mabe a quarter of the books that I start? This would increase the overall quality of my reading experience. Or: ALWAYS download a sample first?