The Dean campaign had accidentally created a movement for a passionate few rather than a vote-getting operation.
Note: @warrenWhitlock here is a great quote from Clay Shirkeg #NMX
Curiously, in that moment many people choose to keep watching the movie they’ve already decided they don’t like, partly as a way to avoid admitting that they’ve wasted their money.
Note: Why not decide to abandon reading at least a third or mabe a quarter of the books that I start? This would increase the overall quality of my reading experience. Or: ALWAYS download a sample first?
For any given piece of software, the question “Do the people who like it take care of each other?”
Note: This is happening to some extent in the TKC community, at Goodreads.
Creating a promise that enough people believe in is the basic requirement.
Note: TKC Promise: You will learn things you didn't know about how to get more out of your Kindle and the Big Picture of eBook adoption.