both local and national media attention. There was a lot to update: he and the people tuning in posted more MySpace profiles of Sasha, her boyfriend Gordo, and her brother. Someone reading the StolenSidekick page figured out Sasha’s full name, then her address,
every aspect of the events, from general speculation about Sasha’s
all in a busy ten days, and all of it leading to Sasha’s arrest. Having achieved their stated goals of publicly calling out Sasha and retrieving the phone, Evan and Ivanna declined to press charges, and Sasha was released. Ivanna’s wedding went off without a hitch, and Evan, in light of his ability to gather a crowd, began getting freelance work doing PR. “Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” The loss and return of the Sidekick is a story about many things—Evan’s obsessive tendencies, Ivanna’s good fortune in having him for a friend,