"My time is divided into seasons for devotion, study, exercise, and rest." What he meant by this was that he allotted eight hours of each day to sleep and meals, eight hours to exercise and prayer, and eight hours to his books - principally the Bible.
Newton selected four books or passages of Scripture for intensive study to test his suitability for ordination. These Scriptures were Paul's epistles to Timothy and Titus, John 14-17, and the First Epistle of John.
the imminent publication of An Authentic Narrative, due out in August 1764. This event was destined to transform Newton from an obscure country curate into an author of national and international importance.
"I was their official teacher from the pulpit," he wrote to a friend, "but I taught them chiefly by what I first learned from them in the course of the week by visiting and conversing with them from house to house."