information. “Cheney was the detail guy. And Cheney doesn’t care how many people hate him. He’s the one senior guy who had his hands on the steering wheel.” In contrast, he said, “Bush was different. He had such small increments of time—they’d schedule him in five-minute increments—so he was distracted.”
several well-meant bits of advice. After an eloquent and emotional toast, and a vow to work together against this new terrorist scourge, Manning told the group, “I hope we can all agree that we should concentrate on Afghanistan, and not launch any attacks against Iraq.”
it’s an unfair fight for the U.S. military.” But Black turned to Bush, who sat at the head of the conference table, and warned, “You’ve got to understand. People are going to die. And the worst part about it, Mr. President, Americans are going to die—my colleagues
geographically unbounded war where fighters of different training and experience were thrown together. Enlisted soldiers, bound by the Uniform
Note: is this the rationale for disbanding the army? no longer war crimes6