God is to be found, not in the punishment, not in the suffering, not in self-righteous condemnation, but in those who reach out to help, to mitigate each other's pain, to comfort each other's sorrow, and to enhance each other's joy. Walking with God is not an investment for a better tomorrow; it is the expression of a righteous today. It is no mere tool for amassing reward; walking with God is the way to infuse whatever time we do have with profundity and purpose.
If we choose to act like tzaddikim—by performing deeds of loving-kindness, by caring for each other and for creation, by living lives of mitzvot, and by delighting in the Torah—we can, retroactively, justify God's creation. Each act of tzedek (righteousness) proves God right.
The Sefer Ha-Yashar suggests that the reason for the Flood was the universal failure to value children.
We moderns are so used to elevating our own concerns over society's, to pursuing our private happiness, even at the expense of others and our planet, that we look with horror on any assertions of the priority of the communal.