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They met through this polygamy personals website (; check it out).
Note: I did and it's a real site...but how did they meet if they didn't have internet in their community?
mood in the room had changed. The baby began to simper.
Note: I think you mean "whimper."
Next the deacon stood up to give the sermon. “Today I want to talk about love,” she said. Her name was Irene, and she was a sincere person with a limp, practical face. Soon her voice turned to noise in my ear because she was saying what you’d expect: love is the greatest gift, and God’s greatest gift to man was Jesus, and that shows how much he loves us, blog, blog, blog. “But instead of me telling you what I think love is, I decided to ask my students. So here’s how a few first, second, and third graders define love.” She flipped nervously through her notes. “The first one’s...