It explains why it is better to read The New Yorker on Mondays than The Wall Street Journal every morning (from the standpoint of frequency, aside from the massive gap in intellectual class between the two publications).
Note: Mejor leer le monde diplomatique que el pais
At the Monash University program in Australia featuring the Dada Engine built by Andrew C. Bulhak, I toyed with the engine and generated a few papers containing the following sentences:
Note: Cool!
Four decades ago, the Catholic church translated the services and liturgies from Latin to the local vernaculars; one may wonder if this caused a drop in religious beliefs. Suddenly religion subjected itself to being judged by intellectual and scientific, without the aesthetic, standards.
Note: Construye un lenguaje que solo loa tuyos puedan comprender
One vicious attribute is that the longer these animals can go without encountering the rare event, the more vulnerable they will be to it.
Note: Juzga a los que tienen éxito solo después de las catástrofes