In fact, in this larger combined analysis, vegans had 26 percent less risk compared with 34 percent in lacto-ovo vegetarians. This is a surprise, because based on blood cholesterol levels we would expect vegans to have significantly less heart disease than lacto-ovo vegetarians.
Note: Or maybe cholesterol is a bad measure of risk. I'm not surprised by this, and the logic here is faulty.
Tropical fats are also loaded with saturated fat, but because we eat relatively little of these fats, they don't contribute much to our overall saturated fat intake.
Note: or maybe saturated fat isnt dangerous and the meat eaters are always confounded by sugar amd flour.
other 10 percent comes from meat and milk. (Trans-fatty acids are naturally produced in animals.)
Note: these naturally ocurring trans fats have been shown to not be dangerous.
Several studies suggest that vegetarians consume less trans-fatty acids than nonvegetarians, while vegans consume even smaller quantities. (For more on
Note: Finally a real reason, though it has nothing to do with being vegetarian since trans fats are made from plants.