This is what happened to the relationship between Joseph and Potiphar. Potiphar perceived that Joseph tried to take something away from him, and Joseph wound up in a dungeon.
Note: Is this over simplified or does this seem realistic in the "real world" too?
You decide that it is more important to be right on an issue than in right relationship. Except in rare cases, crossing the line intentionally is unacceptable.
Note: Ever done this. What was your experience?
The problem is many of us are too defensive or protective of our areas. We allow the first chair to ask questions about our programs and activities because he or she is the boss and some scrutiny is expected. But how often do you ask a fellow staff member or a key lay leader to review an idea and offer constructive feedback?
Note: How about in business world?
The true second chair leader must think organization first, specific ministry assignment second.
Note: Am I doing this?