Asmara was the capital city of Eritrea, a country which had been an Italian colony from as far back as 1885.
The Allies gave Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia a most unusual gift: they tacked on the very old Italian colony of Eritrea as a protectorate of newly liberated Ethiopia. The Emperor had lobbied hard for just this, so that his landlocked country could have the seaport of Massawa, not to mention the lovely city of Asmara.
she realized that the tragedy of death had to do entirely with what was left unfulfilled.
At Adowa, ten thousand Italian soldiers, with as many of their Eritrean askaris, poured down from their colony to invade and take Ethiopia. They were defeated by Emperor Menelik’s barefoot Ethiopian fighters armed with spears and Remingtons (sold to them by none other than Rimbaud).