When Dell started offering discounts to users of Twitter, who passed the word to more users, the company added $500,000 in sales in no time.
Note: should we offer a discount to twitter users?
Don’t think that you can create a community. They’re not yours.
Note: we dont create the community we simply provide a tool for a group to organize something they are passionate about
The book publishing industry is shamefully slow. I negotiated the contract for this book about a year before you got it in your hands (and by the way, I’ve been meaning to thank you for picking it up). That’s damned speedy for a book. As other forms of knowledge, entertainment, and content creation speed up, so must books. (I’ll explore that, too, in the chapter, “GoogleCollins.”)
Note: we need to begin to work to speed up the publishing turn-around. we act like it is a priviledge for authors to publish with us in our time frame. can we shortne turn around to six months? three months?
Perhaps only religion can claim exemption from the imperative for speed. If any institution relies more on permanence than hastiness, God’s does.
Note: how about religious publishing?