Here are some guidelines for achieving your small groups goals in your church. 1. Read and digest this book. Grab a highlighter and work your way through the following pages. Make notes in the margins, disagree with us, laugh at us or raise your eyebrows. We don’t mind. Over the next 200 pages, we are going to show you a small groups system that can consistently accomplish the goals we mentioned above. 2. Study this book with others on your staff or in your church. Any successful small groups ministry or system will require the commitment of dozens, if not hundreds, of people. This book is designed...
Big Idea #1: Think from the Inside Out . . . Not from the Outside In Conventional Wisdom: Take care of those on the inside first.   Reality: Small groups that focus on serving their own members rather than on reaching out to others quickly become inwardly focused and stagnant.
And when a church starts or restructures a small groups system with an inward mindset, guess what happens? Their overall growth, both numerical and spiritual, stagnates or declines.
If you learn to target your Big Number as you build and implement small groups, you can consistently have more than 100 percent of your average Sunday attendance in groups.
Note: what is our big number?