Now all she was left with was a bad mood hangover.
Note: Hmm. 'Bad mood hangover' is an apt description. I know I've felt that before.
She privately described the barely five-foot-tall creature as Jabba the Hutt with legs. Tyge’s immense teardrop shaped body was covered with oozing grayish green skin that resembled million-year-old algae. As he moved toward her, multi-colored bursts of noxious gas burst out of his rear end.
“He who feeds on the life force of those who walk in the shadows shall take their strength for his own by taking what keeps them alive,” she read out loud. “He who steals the life force of shadow walkers shall require more sustenance as moons pass by. He will rule those he has conquered until the night a shadow sends him to the land of eternal oblivion.”