the route taken by President Nyerere in Tanzania: political leadership that builds a sense of national identity. Astonishingly, Nyerere achieved this without resorting to the notion of a neighboring enemy: indeed, he emphasized a Pan-African as well as a national identity. In our guilt-ridden enthusiasm for multiculturalism we may have forgotten that the rights of minorities rest on systems that depend upon the prior forging of an overriding sense of common nationality.
explanation is that they adopted the neighborhood norm of accountability. In effect, they were free-riding on the norms developed in neighboring societies that had forged a stronger sense of nationhood. The societies
probably also concerned that an American capability in the region might dilute their own regional superpower status. But the brute fact remains that neither
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participants is a lot. They also find that the players gradually learn how to cooperate, so that starting up as a
Note: start a war against several at once so they must become allies