We understood from the merry-go-rounds that women were capable of saving and borrowing and we started lending small amounts, mostly to women selling fruits and vegetables in the market. They would borrow something like $30 and then repay us in monthly installments.
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know families who have made a real business-big business-out of renting rooms. Why don't the agencies start by looking at how smart people already are instead of giving them things that will make them fail?" she groaned.
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He also founded the Independent Sector as an umbrella group for nonprofit organizations; the White House Fellows to promote leadership in the young in Washington, DC; and the National Civic League to encourage citizen participation. Everything John did was about releasing human energies at all levels of society.
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John believed humans thrive in relationship to each other and that communities in which each individual feels a sense of belonging and of accountability are key to our individual and societal success.
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