Without vision, men die; with vision, more men die. My hope is to offer a clear sense of direction, but not a vision.
While you, Mr. President, are the main addressee for this book, power is its star. Permit me a final admonition, then, that brings you and power together before you embark on these pages: Power is power. It is neither hard nor soft nor smart nor dumb. Only you can be hard, soft, smart, or dumb.
Never before had two great powers with such profound conflicts of interests and values refrained from direct combat.
Americans continue to err in two basic ways in thinking about their present-day power: First, some deny limits altogether and cling to the grand fantasy of American omnipotence. Second, others embrace limits and assert American impotence. Many conservatives commit the first error, and many liberals commit the second. But the United States is neither omnipotent nor impotent. The internal and international constraints on power cannot be dismissed, nor are they insurmountable.
Note: I like this persona - that of the hard-headed moderate, eager to engage in the fray.