The Innocents at the Museum of  Antiquities Isis THE WORDS For Bentley
Note: I dedicated The Words to Bentley Little, who I consider a friend. He's a great novelist, and my favorites of his include The Ignored, The Policy and His Father's Son. If you've missed Bentley's fiction, look for it. His short fiction -- collected in The Collection -- is just brilliant, too
a human being…” - M.R. James, from “Casting the Runes” One: The End Is Like This
Note: I decided to begin at the end. I like that in a story...sometimes.
Our Father, but it brings him no comfort. He remembers The Veil.
Note: The idea of the Veil is an ancient one, but I like it -- and used it here as well as in my trilogy, The Vampyricon.
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Note: One book on this list -- Where Flies Are Born -- isn't yet on Kindle. But there are others not listed that are on Kindle now: Goat Dance, my first novel Dark of the Eye, my fourth published novel.