Eric Raymond I owe special thanks not just for his ideas but for his example in writing about hacking.
Note: Thanks to Eric Raymond in hackers and painters
I learned about hacking from many people, but I learned about painting mostly from one: Idelle Weber, a great teacher all the better for teaching by example. I'm deeply indebted to her and her husband Julian for years of kindness.
Note: The better teacher is one that teaches with the example
This is the Computer Age. It was supposed to be the Space Age, or the Atomic Age. But those were just names invented by PR people. Computers have had far more effect on the form of our lives than space travel or nuclear technology.
Note: Hackers & painters is a book to explain the computer age from the point of view of his makers
Why do hackers care so much about free speech? Partly, I think, because innovation is so important in software, and innovation and heresy are practically the same thing. Good hackers develop a habit of questioning everything. You have to when you work on machines made of words that are as complex as a mechanical watch and a thousand times the size.
Note: Good hackers develop a habit of questioning everything