Projects result in good things when the right combination of people, skills, attitudes, and tactics is applied, regardless of their origin or (lack of) pedigree.
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Assumptions I’ve made about you in writing this book You are not stupid. I assume that if I’ve chosen the right chapters and written them well, you won’t need me to spend time slowly constructing elaborate frameworks of information. Instead, I will get to the point and spend time there. I assume you’re a peer — perhaps with more, less, or different experience — who has dropped by for some advice.
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The trick then is to learn as much as possible from other people’s failures. We should use their experiences to leverage against the future. While the superficial details of failure might differ dramatically from project to project, the root causes or team actions that led to them might be entirely transferable (and avoidable). Even on our own projects, we need to avoid the habit of running away and hiding from failures. Instead, we should see them as opportunities to learn something.
Note: Quer evitar certos erros no futuro? Considere os erros do passado, sejam seus ou de outras pessoas. Aprenda com eles!
I suggested to this developer friend that he wander into the back of his favorite lunch establishment on a busy day. For a variety of reasons, it’s interesting to step foot into kitchens (see Anthony Bourdain’s excellent book, Kitchen Confidential, Ecco, 2001), but my specific point was about productivity. The first time anyone sees the quick task management and coordination that occur in a busy professional kitchen, he’s likely to reconsider how difficult his own job is. Cooks are often juggling frying pans with different orders at different states of completion, and scrambling between...
Note: Nunca havia pensado sobre isso. Da próxima vez que alguém do ramo do desenvolvimento de software fizer a famosa piadinha do "um de carne e dois de queijo", vou ter uma outra perspectiva da coisa — e não tende a ser muito favorável não, viu?! Ao contrario disso, muito provavelmente.