Those who poll religious interests—including George Gallup, Barna Research, the Princeton Religion Research Center, and—indicate that evangelical Christianity is becoming increasingly worldly, and that it is ever more becoming a mere mirror of secular culture.
Note: Sadly true
This isn’t helped by the biblical ignorance that afflicts so many young Christians in the upcoming generation, 40 percent of whom hold the view that Jesus Christ committed sins!
Note: What a stat... what a very sad stat.
We must lay this to heart: A worldly church cannot and will not reach the world. The church must be distinct from the world to reach the world. We must set ourselves apart to God if we hope to reach the world. In a word, the only hope for us and the lost world is a holy church.
Note: Looking for a revival in holiness
From the onset God’s plan for reaching the world has been to create a people distinct from the world who would then minister to and reach the world.
Note: God's plan for reacing the world.