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Nearly two years later, I came to deny the Christian faith. It required too much intellectual gerrymandering to believe. There were just too many individual problems that I had to balance, like spinning several plates up on several sticks, in order to keep my faith. At some point they just all came crashing down. This book presents the fullest explanation of my reasons for rejecting that faith.
But Jerry never called me to talk, or pray with me, or comfort me. When George told me that Jerry had heard from her, my heart just sank. Why? Is this what successful ministers do? They don't get involved with people who have become "hot potatoes"? Did he care? Was I just a black mark on his list of accomplishments such that he wanted to avoid me? That's how I felt. I really don't know his reasons. Maybe he thought that if I wanted help, then all I had to do was call, and he'd be right there with me all of the way. That's a nice way to do ministry, isn't it? Maybe that's just how he is, and maybe...
I began to ask whether it's possible to have a correct understanding of the Bible if people as close to each other as he and I had such a misunderstanding. I began to doubt that people with our passions and living in our day and age, so removed from the Bible, could properly understand that book when people living in the same age and as close to one another as he and I couldn't understand each other.