Behind every great fortune, there lies a great crime. If Balzac
To Mark, it’s likely that the cool thing was the math that was going to go into it—the computer science of the task, the code at the heart of the Web-site idea.
Sure, in a sense it was stealing—he didn’t have the legal rights to those pictures, and the university certainly didn’t put them up there for someone to download them. But then, if information was getable, didn’t Mark have the right to get it? What sort of evil authority could decide that he wasn’t allowed access to something he so easily could access?
Note: Doesn't this pretty much sum up everything we see about facebook--hey you put it out there...
A few more minutes and he’ll be done. The greater good. Freedom of information and all that crap—to him, we believe, it is part of a true moral code.
Note: Although some (Leo Laporte) would argue he has no moral code (amoral) and of late i would argue he is immoral-and perhaps pathological.