The cartoonist’s roommate, standing next to him, was well over six feet tall; but instead of basketball, he’d chosen fencing as a high school student at a mostly Jewish prep school; he was good with an épée, which was about as useful when it came to picking up girls as it was in any other aspect of modern life. If eighteenth-century pirates ever attacked a hot girl’s dorm room, he was ready, but otherwise he was pretty much useless.
The Dell was significant, because it was the first computer to ever sit in the president’s office; Larry Summers’s predecessor, Neil Rudenstine, had hated the devices, refusing to allow any computers in his office. The fact that Summers was technologically savvy was a good sign—at the very least he’d understand the issue at hand.
Sean was half expecting to open up Gawker one day and read about himself mainlining baby seal blood.
lips turned down at the corners. Twenty-three texts—all from Kelly. Wonderful.
Note: yikes!