Salvation must grow out of understanding, total understanding can follow only from total experience, and experience must be won by the laborious discipline of shaping one’s absolute attention.
The spiritual awakening to which Dante comes in the Dark Wood—the enormous rebirth—is the awareness of the fact that he has not been sufficiently zealous in his pursuit of the Good.
The whole Comedy is pervaded by his conviction that man should seek earthly immortality by his worthy actions here, as well as prepare to merit the life everlasting.
“He must go by another way who would escape this wilderness, for that mad beast that fleers   before you there, suffers no man to pass.
Note: Good example of how Kindle offers tools to enrich reading experience simply not available on nook - landscape mode for long lines of terza ri ma, and encyclopedic range of info available in Oxford Americam definitions, such as "fleer."