in delight. Information: reason for living. Well, that and fashion. Lord
Note: This paragraph is a good example of the clumsy writing in this book. Rapid switches in POV from one paragraph to another with no warning to the reader. Narration is too tightly tied to limited POV to pass for omniscient. Though one could imagine a storytelling culture where such POV changes were standard. (A society of telegraphs for example.) Other main problem is author's casual mixup of Victorian and Regency periods -- though I am holding out for the possibility that she is doing it deliberately to show the effect an integrated population of immortals will have on history. I also find Alexia's skin being referred to as tan to be jarring but it is better than food terms, I suppose. But Italians aren't that dark-skinned in my opinion. Problems aside, worldbuilding is charming and characters engaging. Even the clumsy prose has its own sort of appeal, like a large and overly eager puppy enjoying itself hugely even if it knocks people over in its enthusiasm to lick your face.