Don’t be afraid to take time off when you need it. You could learn something that will change the course of your life, and at the least you will stave off the burnout that plagues so many driven, entrepreneurial people.
How to Stay Calm in the Eye of the Storm “He who is quick tempered can be insulted,” Sun Tzu explained in the Art of War. These four checkpoints can help you stay cool—and retain your power—even in the most heated situations: • Stay in the present moment. • Observe your feelings. Do not become your feelings. Be aware of your reactions. • Do not take on others’ feelings, but listen to others—and yourself. • Ask yourself, “How should I handle this? Should I react at all?”
where the moles to be whacked were other software company logos.
Note: This is absolute genius!
we needed to build a powerful brand behind our great service.
Note: first branding, then monetization and more.