My sabbatical was one of the most productive periods of my career; it was certainly one of the most influential. Don’t be afraid to take time off when you need it. You could learn something that will change the course of your life, and at the least you will stave off the burnout that plagues so many driven, entrepreneurial people.
“The number-one mistake entrepreneurs make is that they hold their ideas too closely to their chest,” Bobby said. “Their destiny is their destiny, though. If they share their ideas, others can help make it happen.”
It is essential to spend time learning about what is happening in your industry to leverage these opportunities as well as to prevent being caught off guard.
I like to come up with simple metaphors to help explain what we are doing and communicate our message. Early on, for example, I said, “ is meets Siebel Systems,” then it was “AppExchange is the eBay of enterprise software,” and later, “ is the Windows Internet operating system.”