Whether or not you engage a PR firm, always ask yourself, “What’s my message?” Position yourself either as the leader or against the leader in your industry. Every experience you give a journalist or potential customer must explain why you are different and incorporate a clear call to action. This does not require a large team or a big budget; it just requires your time and focus.
Our mission was to offer a new and better way to serve customers. This story would be the keystone of our entire business.
Player on the Marketing Team, and Ensure Everyone Is On Message
“What exactly does salesforce.com do?” To my surprise, everybody gave a different answer. This was troublesome. Everyone at our company needed to understand who we were and what we did. More important, they needed to be able to effectively relay it in one simple sentence to anybody who asked and everybody who would listen. Because that consistent message clearly hadn’t made its way to our employees on its own, we had to educate them.