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Whether or not you engage a PR firm, always ask yourself, “What’s my message?” Position yourself either as the leader or against the leader in your industry. Every experience
Note: When hiring a PR firm you must ask yourself one question
Logo—It’s Your Most Important Asset I love the NO SOFTWARE logo; it’s not our brand, though. “A logo is simply a graphic representation of a company,” says Bruce Campbell, the creator of the logo and our chief creative officer. “A brand is more. It has to be a collective set of memories.” To be effective, a company’s brand must be consistent. A company must use its people, its products, and its messaging to consistently reinforce the same positive points it wants to demonstrate. A delivery service that promises to meticulously care about your packages cannot have dirty trucks....
Note: Fantastic point about brand and image!
A brand is a company’s most important asset. A company can’t “own” its facts. If the company’s facts (speed, price, quality) are superior to the competition, any good competitor will duplicate them, or worse, improve upon them, as soon as possible. What a company can own, however, is a personality. We own NO SOFTWARE—not because we are the only one doing it but because we were the first to think it was important to customers. By consistently delivering an attitude
Note: Can own a brand not the solution. I need to think about this a bit more as I am not sure how this would work in our business.