Around this time, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Reverend Billy Graham, and I realized the power of testimony to inspire and influence audiences. I began to think about how to apply an evangelical system to sales. We continued to encourage customers to speak out and share their stories. Rather than address an audience and preach about salesforce. com (prospective customers didn’t believe what we said; they believed what customers were experiencing), I began to call on someone from the audience spontaneously and ask her to share her experience.
They were more like beta customers, but I called them design partners to recognize their real contributions.
We created a system of best practices (including customer events and webinars) to help support customers and keep them happy.
Outline for a Sales Call: The Top Five Points for a Winning Conversation 1. Leverage the experience the prospect has had with other solutions. 2. Introduce the value your product offers. 3. Provide success stories from customers. (Build and maintain a strong referral program.) 4. Verify success stories by offering customer testimony. 5. Provide a customer for the prospect to contact.