Gecov Jan. 1, 1988 MF 2 Ludek Frydrych Jan. 3, 1987 GK 3 Petr Janda Jan. 5, 1987 MF 4 Jakub Dohnalek Jan. 12, 1988 DF 5 Jakub Mares Jan. 26, 1987 MF 6 Michal Held Jan. 27, 1987 DF 7 Marek Strestik Feb. 1, 1987 FW 8 Jiri Valenta Feb. 14, 1988 MF 9 Jan Simunek Feb. 20, 1987 DF 10 Tomas Oklestek Feb.
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holding pattern southwest of Kennedy Airport that Klotz told ATC that he didn’t think the plane had enough fuel to reach an alternative airport. The next thing
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halfway, then 80 should get me all the way to the y axis. So let’s just see what happens.” She types in 80. The line is steeper. But it’s still not totally vertical.
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Harry M. Caudill wrote about Kentucky, its beauty and its troubles, in Night Comes to the Cumberlands: A Biography of a Depressed Area (Boston: Little, Brown, 1962). The impact of coal mining on Harlan County is examined in “Social Disorganization and Reorganization in Harlan County, Kentucky,” by Paul Frederick Cressey in American Sociological Review 14, no. 3 (June 1949): 389–394. The bloody and complicated Turner-Howard feud is described, along with other Kentucky feuds, in John Ed Pearce’s marvelously entertaining Days of Darkness: The Feuds of Eastern Kentucky (Lexington: University
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