B. The human brain (and only the human brain) has the additional facility for the self-initiated internal reactivation of images in the absence of external stimuli.
Note: i really dont understand how one can prove this. animals dream and remember, do these not trigger the same manipulations? as always, insistence on differentiation from animals instead of simply admitting ignorance is annoying
The arousal system's attentional searchlights lock onto paired inputs that are no longer identical twins but disparate targets, that is, percepts and words. Additionally, one of these, the word, is also motor-wired and responds by triggering its percept-companion anew. This sets the attentional searchlights into a stable oscillation between the inputs, permitting their integration and giving the brain the experience of the accompanying proprioception and of the volitional control that goes with it.
Note: free will is indeed a proprioception
A percept-replicating (naming) tradition thus begun could then hardly fail to undergo gradual expansion along almost predictable lines, with more than sufficient adaptive gain accruing to ensure its cultivation and continued selective advantage.
Note: replication. interesting
Indeed, these corrective distortions are essential for our functioning, in that they enable us to hold on to words and their denotative perceptual cores. It is these distortions that help us use the neural technique of percept handling and to resist being swamped by the spatiotemporal uniqueness of everything that is around us. To put it another way, our ability to access percepts with words brings about a cognitively stabilized representational field which-though distorted-allows us to speak and think.
Note: Lakoff archetypes