Rational Functional Tester is one of the tools that can be used to automate test cases in RQM. The end result is a complete testing solution that provides end-to-end traceability—requirements to test cases to any defects that might be uncovered—using Rational Functional Tester’s rich automation for unattended testing on a selected subset of test cases.
To validate expected execution of the application under test, the test script must be enhanced with check points called verification points. A verification point is a check that the current execution corresponds with your expectations, which is called the baseline. A difference between actual and baseline results in a fail status in the execution log. Differences in the consecutive application builds that are not checked with a verification point are not captured and do not result in failures. It is best practice to verify only what makes sense because verification points act as your eyes.
• Add hard sleep statements: sleep(2.0); • Add wait-for-existence: ObjectInApplication().waitForExistence(); • Lengthen the wait-for parameters in waitForExistence or VerificationPoints: ObjectInApplication().performTest(ObjectSubmit_textVP(), 2.0, 40.0);
errors in proper verification across all test environments and conditions. Datapools
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