God is a good and loving Father, Jesus is telling us, and he is so good that we can obey him no matter what.
Note: he just said that it doesnt tell us that earlier
Of the six aspects of the nature of God the Father (present, pure, powerful, provides, pardons, protects) as seen in the Lord’s Prayer, which do you most need to see and understand about God?
Note: present. i would love to see and feel god more in everyday life.
We all must ask, What is my “cup”?What aspect of your life makes it difficult for you to trust God?
Note: i think it is for me if i admit that i am not perfevt that i wont be accepted. i want and know that i need to perform. if i do well i will earn his favor.
Our minds are so accustomed to the earning-favor narrative that we see it even when it is not there. We read words like “fallen away” and make automatic assumptions that this must refer to our sin.
Note: exactly what i did when i read that passage