Be remarkable! Be consistent! Be authentic!
Note: The whole book is only six words long. I don't know why it's so difficult for people to see this clearly (actually, I DO know why it's difficult, which is why the rest of the book existis. It's difficult because it's frightening and organizationally and culturally difficult.)
campaign headquarters
Note: Including not one but two campaigns for the US Presidency.
Note: Do you still believe people buy what you sell because they need it? Perhaps if you work in the ER or make rice or roofing materials...
“What’s your story?” “Will the people who need to hear this story believe it?” “Is it true?
Note: When I run into people who are struggling with their project, it almost always comes down to these three questions. Look at non-profits or politicians or startups or consultants that are having trouble gaining traction--it always comes down to this.