The frog’s secret? It watches only for changes in the environment. It has a brain that can only do one thing well, and that’s watch the sky for moving bugs. By ignoring the static environment and only focusing on what’s new, it can be far more efficient than a human when it comes to catching flies.
Note: the frog is similar to Forest Gump singular purpose
fifty miles per gallon is going to need fewer fill-ups). Even
Note: 80% of hult students selected school due to 3 campuses yet 25% actually did this
facts. Instead they decide based on the stories they’re told. To
Note: assumes buyer is complicit and ignorant this is outdated
I refuse to accept that there’s a difference between a factory manager dumping sludge in the Hudson River (poisoning everyone downstream) and a marketing manager making up a story that ends up causing similar side effects. Marketing is an awesomely powerful tool, and marketers share the same responsibilities everyone else does.
Note: contradicts himself this is outdated tha consumers are dumb drones