capture and data validation through curation, analysis, and ultimately permanent archiving.
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In the UK, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) has funded the establishment of a Digital Curation Centre9 to explore these issues.
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opportunities and challenges for data-intensive science, including interdisciplinary cooperation and training, interorganizational data sharing for “scientific data mashups,” the establishment of new processes and pipelines, and a research agenda to exploit the opportunities as well as stay ahead of the data deluge.
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We said, “Look, computational science is a third leg.” Originally, there was just experimental science, and then there was theoretical science, with Kepler’s Laws, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Maxwell’s equations, and so on. Then, for many problems, the theoretical models grew too complicated to solve analytically, and people had to start simulating. These simulations have carried us through much of the last half of the last millennium. At this point, these simulations are generating a whole lot of data, along with a huge increase in data from the experimental sciences. People now do not...
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