the most secret of the secret, whose task it was to handle the most sensitive of the sensitive.
Giannini came in, shut the door behind her, and pulled up a chair. She sat there for some time, looking at her client. The girl looked terrible. Her head was wrapped in bandages. She had purple bruises around her bloodshot eyes.
Giannini was both tired and irritated on Wednesday evening as she boarded the X2000 at Göteborg Central Station. She felt as if she had been living on the X2000 for a month. She bought a coffee in the restaurant car, went to her seat, and opened the folder of notes from her last conversation with Salander. Who was also the reason why she was feeling tired and irritated. She’s hiding something. That little fool is not telling me the truth. And Micke is hiding something too. God knows what they’re playing at. She also decided that since her brother and her client had not so far communicated...
Good Lord. He’s acting on orders from the government. But he can’t say without unleashing a political firestorm. Nyström saw that Ekström had swallowed the bait.