JOHN HYDE, “The Apostle of Prayer,” as he was often called, was reared in a home where Jesus was an abiding guest, and where the dwellers in that home breathed an atmosphere of prayer.
Note: Beginning a book I know little about upon two friends recomendation. We will see what I learn.
I read in “Far North in India” the statement by a former missionary in India, Dr. W.B. Anderson, that a hundred million people in India today have not heard of Jesus Christ, and as things are now have not the remotest chance to hear about Him. There are other millions in Africa and other countries in the same Christless ignorance. Why is it so? Because prayer closets are deserted, family altars are broken down, and pulpit prayers are formal and dead!
If we are willing to put ourselves into God’s hands, then God is willing to use us. But there are two conditions: obedience and purity.
Note: Are we willing to put ourself in God's hand?