she considered his administration a tactical and operational disaster: soft, undisciplined, woolly minded, and leaky.
clear about something else, which also struck Daley—for its chutzpah. “If
Note: Curl up test 8:40 pm 1. I take no notes. I just read the book. 2. I hold the Kindle in my left hand, feeling the soft tleather of the cover. 3. Looking up a word is not as fun as on the iPad, but it's fine. 4. The ratio of words to reading deviceis greater. The device disappears. The words remain. The time goes faster and I read more. 5. My eyes feel more rested. I enjoy the warm light of my lamp. 6. I don't want to stop, and I don't wqant to switch to th eiPad.
He didn’t even bother to pretend that he enjoyed anyone else’s company remotely as much as he relished being with her and their daughters.
“You realize,” she said to her aides, “we’re only Iowa away from winning this.”