storytelling. When I picked up Save the Cat! it was like Blake had been in our offices for the last six years, hearing our words and recording them in a master bible.
Note: thats a big compliment
A final word: After reading dozens of how-to books, this is the FIRST book on screenwriting/the business that I’ve EVER asked the co-chairs at UCLA to consider making required reading. In fact, Save the Cat! is, to me, a must-read for anyone who is even remotely interested in being in the game.
Note: wow
I like Viki King’s book with the improbable title of How to Write a Movie in 21 Days. Improbable, yes, but I’ve done it — and sold the script I wrote, too. I also value Joseph Campbell’s work. Hero With A Thousand Faces remains the best book about storytelling ever. And of course I have a soft spot for Robert McKee — for the value of his class performance if nothing else. McKee is like John Houseman in The Paper Chase, and if you’re an aspiring screenwriter, you have to take at least one seminar from him. It’s too great a piece of theater to miss.
Note: other book recommendations
all so academic! So sterile. They treat the movies with waaaaaay too much awe and respect — they’re just movies! — and I think that gets in the way. Wouldn’t it be
Note: hilarious