But I am suggesting that you say “whoa” to all that. I’m proposing that before you head off into your FADE IN: you think long and hard about the logline, the title, and the poster. And even do some test marketing.
thinking “high concept,” thinking about “What is it?”
Along with a good “What is it?” a movie must have a clear sense of what it’s about and who it’s for. Its tone, potential, the dilemma of its characters, and the type of characters they are, should be easy to understand and compelling. In order to better create a good “What is it?” the spec screenwriter must be able to tell a good one-line or logline — a one- or two-sentence grabber that tells us everything. It must satisfy four basic elements to be effective: Irony. It must be in some way ironic and emotionally involving — a dramatic situation that is like an itch you have to scratch....