co-host in life and of The Carol and Steve Show. Foreword
Note: Questions 1. Have you seen Get Seen on a Kindle yet? 2. How much of a delay was there before Wiley relased the Kindle version? 3. Did Wiley talk to you about delay of the Kindle version? 4. Do you know the details of your contract re: eBook sales? 5. Get Seen seems to be a good candidate for an iPad or a Kindle that can do video. Do you think your next book will be designed for multi-media?
Garfield from I’m here in my book. Thanks for reading.
Note: I LOVE the opening!
about video blogging that featured me, called “See Me, Blog Me.”6
Note: There is too much self-referential stuff in the book. Not sure how you'd trim it though, because it shows power of video on the net.
because although it seems counterintuitive, what’s most important in a video shoot is sound.
Note: from @SteveGarfield 's Get Seen, my 1st passage shared directly from my Kindle!