He was born in Mexico, where his Mormon grandparents had moved to escape religious persecution.
Note: How was George Romney able to run for President? I thought you had to be born in the U.S.
President John F. Kennedy called for us to put a man on the moon. Young people all over the country grew enthusiastic about studying physics, engineering, and the space sciences. We became a more technically proficient people. And we became the first nation on earth to put a man on the moon.
Note: Example of successful leadership by the federal government, right? Does Romney see a similar government role on any issue today?
We never fully understood the enormously complex political, economic, and military issues we faced in Vietnam, and we were wrong in our assessment of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs.
Note: Sounds like an apology?
the only land America took after World War II was what was needed to bury our dead.
Note: Wasn't land taken to establish military bases in Germany and Japan?