The president answered the question many Americans were asking: Why us, why our country? “America was targeted for attack,” he said, “because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.” It was enemies of the American ideal who had struck us.
In the years since, Lott has nursed a grudge against Bush and the White House for what happened. In his memoir, he describes the president’s two paragraphs in Philadelphia as “blunt” and “angry” and Bush’s tone as “booming and nasty,”
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invited on a hunting trip with Vice President Cheney, some Republican senators, and me four years later, I wondered if the wounds from his
House Democratic campaign chief Rahm Emanuel reportedly knew about the Foley e-mails since late 2005. A Democratic Hill staffer had given them to Emanuel’s communications director, Bill Burton, according to one report. But Congressman Emanuel did not report Foley to the Ethics Commission, perhaps preferring to keep the e-mails for use as a campaign issue. If true, apparently Emanuel didn’t feel any moral requirement to keep his Republican colleague from preying on other underage pages in the meantime. I believe Emanuel had a responsibility to report what he knew of Foley’s behavior immediately.