Once Colombian president Alvaro Uribe and Colombia’s political establishment saw this Facebook uprising emerge, they did everything they could to make it a success. After a week or two the local army commander began providing Morales with three bodyguards and a car, which he used through February 4. Mayors and city governments throughout the country worked closely with demonstration volunteers to grant march permits.
Note: Why gov support this act?
Though Facebook was not designed as a political tool, its creators observed early on that it had peculiar potential.
Note: Though Facebook was not designed as a political tool, some gov were afraid of it.
“The Colombia thing,” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, “is a very early indicator that governance is changing—[and of how] powerful political organizations can form. These things can really affect peoples’ liberties and freedom, which is kind of the point of government.…In fifteen years maybe there will be things like what happened in Colombia almost every day.”
Note: Mark, did you mean every country will have democracy in 15 years?
The Iranian government, embarrassed, tried several times to shut off access to Facebook. But it is used so widely in the country that it was difficult to do so.
Note: Import GFW suite from China! Chinese people knows how effective it is.