The crash came because both the regulators and the major players believed the same bad ideas.
Note: Proving once again that there is no good way to impliment a bad idea.
Companies can go along for many years using the customary methods of their industry, making good money for workers, managers, and investors alike, without ever creating a true entrepreneurial profit.
Note: Yes! This is my belief.
As with all insurance schemes, you are substituting diversification for knowledge. If you had perfect knowledge that your house would not burn down, you would not need to diversify away your risk by buying insurance.
Note: Consulting on software has changed from being about putting out fires to preventing them. Solutionists consultants need not apply. This is like going from being a firefighter to being an insurance salesperson. It is a new business model where risk of going down is diversified among many customers.
By compensating for ignorance, diversification can make knowledge and expertise seem unnecessary.
Note: Consider this when selling SLAs.