Immediately upon waking, drink 1.5 liters (about 50 fluid ounces) of cold water9—ensure that water temperature is the same day to day—and wait 30 minutes. Urinate and then test bodyfat using bio-impedance. Do not eat or drink anything else before testing. I use two empty Bulleit bourbon bottles (750 milliliters × 2 = 1.5 liters) because I love the old-school bottles, but Nalgene bottles are generally one liter each and have line measurements on the side. Wine and most liquor is also standardized for a 750-milliliter bottle size.
I started with 60–120 seconds total of air squats and wall tricep extensions immediately prior to eating main courses. For additional effect, I later tested doing another 60–90 seconds approximately one and a half hours after finishing the main
courses, when I expected blood glucose to be highest based on experiments with glucometers.9
In all cases, if you do 60–90 seconds of contraction after each meal (and a bit before, ideally), you might live to see your abs.