In the end it may have boiled down to what the poet Robert Frost once said about a successful education: “Just hanging around until you have caught on.”
But eventually his religious commitments began tearing him apart. He couldn’t spend ten or twelve hours a day studying chess and another six to eight hours on Bible studies; and the constant surfacing of impure thoughts and other minor sins was plaguing him. “The more I tried [to be obedient] the more crazy I became,” he noted. “I was half out of my head—almost stoned.”
he noted. “I was half out of my head—almost stoned.” Without
Note: can't do it alone!
Don’t let millions of people down who regard you as a genius and an example to themselves. It’s no joke to be in your position. But even if you were an unknown, just being a decent person is a job these days. It’s easier to shut your eyes. But that’s what people did in Nazi Germany while people were being tortured and murdered, children gassed to death like vermin. It was more convenient not to want to hear about it or talk about it because then their conscience would have made them do something about it.